Tips & Tricks

Tents & Cabanas

  • When using the tents or cabanas, make sure to check the wind speed for Mexico Beach, FL. Please do not use the tents or cabanas with sustained winds greater than 20 mph.
  • On windy days for added stability to your cabana or tent, cover the sandbags with sand.
  • The cabanas have handy pockets at the top of the ‘legs’ for phones, wallets, glasses, etc.
  • Do not stake tents or cabanas in or near the surf. The wind and surf can be unpredictable and quickly destroy them, creating a safety hazard.


  • To avoid wrestling with the chairs, ensure they are in the full upright position prior to folding.
  • To avoid losing the headrest on the backpack chairs, please click the storage strap over the pillow.


  • Water is inevitable around the beach, please keep the cornhole boards and bags dry as possible.
  • The rings and “donuts” for the Connect Four Games can quickly become covered with sand and lost. Please utilize the “donut” holders and the ring hook on the main botty of the game when not in use or simply place them back into the bag provided for the equipment.

General Best Practices

  • Mexico Beach is a leave no trace beach. Please follow the link
    • Please fill it in before you leave the beach. This is for safety reasons; the turtles can fall into them during nesting season or people can fall into them when walking.
    • No glass containers on the beach.
    • No unattended beach gear before 7am or after 7pm. All items will be removed from the beach and subject to disposal.

FAQ & Rental Terms

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